The One About The Tram Ride

My wife Alexa and I were riding the tram in downtown Belgrade. I am a local to Serbia, but my wife is a world traveler, but born to and raised by a wonderful American family. So, we do most of our talking in English (Although Alexa likes to practice Serbian with me sometimes).


As were talking about this or that, a passenger leaned in to ask: “hey there, is there anything I can help you with” in English. Of course, I could tell he had a Serbian accent so I responded in Serbian saying that we’re just riding the tram home. The look of surprise on his face was a delight. He then explained that he assumed we were foreigners and the Serbian in him was compelled to see if he could help us get around!


We ended up talking the whole ride home and telling some of our life stories to each other.

We made a friend that day, and re-affirmed that people have a desire to help before anything else!