Back in the 90’s my home town of Belgrade was, let’s say, going through some rough times. Bombings, wars, and sanctions kept life in the city interesting to say the least. My family had moved to Budapest to avoid the circumstances but we still had a company office in Belgrade where we had about 10 or so employees.


I remember my parents telling me and my siblings (who were all kiddos around that time) that we would be having plenty of guests soon. Later on, I learned that every employee was given a chance to send their family to stay with us in Budapest while the hostilities were ongoing. And many of them did, so at one point in our home in Budapest we had around 3-4 families together which made for an interesting time as you can imagine!


It wasn’t until I started my own family, and started making my own home that I understood how genuine an act of kindness that was by my parents to invite so many people to stay with us.