Lauren was getting ready to spend some time training at a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) camp at Eagle Rock in the mountains of Colorado. Before the camp started, we drove up to check things out and meet the director, Mark McGowan. One of the first things Mark told us was, “Amazing things happen when people spend time praying at the Prayer Chapel.” We were intrigued!


One evening, after a long day of training, Lauren decided to spend some time of peace and quiet, praying and seeking God. She brought a bible, a backpack and a blanket, and went to the prayer chapel to pray. She sat down inside and began to pray that God would speak to her or give her some kind of message. She prayed and waited…and waited and prayed… but nothing seemed to happen.


Some people described the chapel more like a small storage shed, dusty and dirty – and certainly not a place you would want to go and pray! The only things inside were a metal book case, a bench, and a fire place. A seemingly unlikely place for something “Amazing” to happen, but of course, that didn’t matter!


Soon, Lauren began to get restless. It was stuffy inside the small, log building, so she decided to go outside for some fresh air. She left her backpack on the bench inside the chapel and brought her blanket and laid it on ground outside and continued to pray and ask God for a special message.


After a couple of hours of praying and waiting, but not getting any word from God, she felt discouraged. “This is a waste of time” she thought. It was late, and she was cold, so she decided to go back to her room. She went back inside the chapel to get her things, and as soon she stepped inside, she noticed a piece of paper sitting on top of her backpack. It was a drawing of a flower with a message written on it. It said, “To Love & to be Loved.” What did it mean? And more importantly, how did it get there? No one else had been inside the chapel!


Lauren took the drawing with her and brought it to breakfast the next morning. She asked if anyone knew anything about it. Levi looked surprised. He said that he drew it a year ago! He said it was drawn with ashes from the fireplace and it had been sitting on the bookshelf ever since. It had a special meaning. Levi gave Lauren a letter with an explanation of what the drawing meant.


So, Lauren DID receive a message from God – a Miraculous Message! But she still doesn’t know how it ended up on top of her backpack! The last sentence of Levi’s letter explains it pretty well… “I’m glad that God has found it a home!”


Sometimes, the most amazing things happen in the least likely places!


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