Hope For The Children Of Tbilisi

I am excited to report that we ended 2017 on a high note! This has become so much more than English language lessons. The students have taken ownership and personal pride in the project! One group, has chosen the name “The Sun House” for themselves, because they want to share the light with others. They love their teacher for the light that she shares with them! This project is about improving lives one at a time, taking ownership for making positive change in themselves and those around them; putting into tangible practice God’s love, grace and mercy and seeing life and cultures in a whole new light! The students are coming up with their own humanitarian aid and community service projects to “pass it forward!” December’s English lessons focused on the true meaning of Christmas, God’s love, salvation and putting that love into action!

At Christmas, the students voted to use some of the project money to help the less fortunate in their neighborhoods. As they distributed basic food supplies and small Christmas gifts to their chosen recipients, their excitement was overflowing as they truly understood “it is better to give than to receive!” Neglected teachers, pensioners, grandmothers and others were overwhelmed with tears of joy and unbelief. The students were so excited, they told others, and soon, friends and family were using their own resources to help those they saw in need. Many brought donations to their local church. In addition to these projects, your donations are used to offset the cost of materials for lessons, to open the world to the students by allowing them to have a “speaker’s program” where they bring in a native English speaker from a respected profession to speak to them and answer questions. For those who have never been outside of their immediate neighborhood, they are taking field trips into the city, attending theater concerts, museums, cafes, etc.

This project has truly opened new worlds to each participant: English language, international cultures and how to interact with them, meaningful Christianity and how to live out the Christian faith, the arts, successful business, community service. Each participant understands that they can make a difference in the future of their neighborhood, city, country, and world! They have come to understand and see in action God’s love for them! Thank you for your contributions. I am excited about this project in 2018!

We broke through $4,000 in donations...... on our way to our goal of $5,000 in 2018!

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Press on!

--Jon and Michelle Shearer