God Knows What He's About

Just as I pulled into the audioologist's parking lot, my right front tire began to go flat. I got the spare tire and the tools from the trunk, and just as I was adjusting the jack, I heard a voice beside me sying, "Let me change that flat tire for you."

I glanced up to see a young woman who was still speaking. "My name's Melissa, and I'm the audiologist's receptionist, and I can change that tire. "

I thanked her for being so gracious and said, "I'll have this changed in just a few minutes."

And she said, "I'll bet I can change it quicker. My daddy told me that anyone who drives should know how to change a flat tire, and I've been changing them for years, So please let me change it for you."

I resisted. She insisted, and we played verbal tug-o-war." until I finally swallowed my 80-year-old-macho-pride and said, "Okay."

Within a very few minutes, she had the flat tire off, the spare tire on, and the flat tire and tools secured in the trunk.

When I thanked her, she said, "Oh, I love to change tires. Especially someone else's."


This is a perfect "One Other" example of how God used a stranger's random act of kindness to benefit both parties.: Melissa loves to change tires; I hate to.